Life Style in Myanmar


Myanmar stands for 135 different ethnic groups living together in Myanmar. They have their own dialects and customs. Majority of people believe in Buddhism and they follow Buddha’s teaching and practise Buddhist Culture. The way they live their life and the way they earn their living is simple. In fact, Myanmar’s custom and tradition is… Read more »

The Nationalities Of Myanmar


Myanmar’s ethnically diverse population is a result of three major migrations from Tibet and Central Asia. The people of Myanmar are descendants of three main branches: The Mon- Khmer, the Tibeto- Burman, and the Thai- Chinese. The 8 major races are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin( Karen), Chin, Bama, Mon, Rakhine and Shan. Of them – -… Read more »

Myanmar art and craft


Myanmar art and craft objects are created from gold, silver, iron, bronze, brass and copper casting; relief work in stucco; turnery; drawing and painting; lacquer ware; sculpting in stone or marble and lapidary work.The traditional skills are preserved within artisans’ families and transferred from generation to generation to keep the expertise in handicraft.Carved wooden figures… Read more »



Agriculture is the main industry in Myanmar,Once Myanmar’s agriculture industry was the biggest rice exporter in Asia, but agriculture broke down after the former regimes try to experiment with communist / socialist ideas. All Myanmar agriculture business related and most of the other businesses and industries broke down because of this and until now there was… Read more »

Myanmar Food

222 - Bagan (Nyaung U)

The basic Myanmar food is mainly rice and curry. The spices and seasoning add so much zest and flavour to the food. Spices are used tactically for their medicinal properties which kill bacteria infected the food. There is a Myanmar saying: “food is medicine, medicine is food.” Some spices commonly used in Myanmar dishes.   Basil:… Read more »


raw lacquer

The lacquer takes its root in China for a few three thousand years, and then developed in all the Southeast Asia. In Myanmar, the tree which one takes the resin is Thit-si. These trees grow naturally in whole forests almost in all Myanmar in light altitude. One takes the resin (or latex) by notches at… Read more »

Spiritual Beings@ Nats


Myanmar has a kind of traditional heritage from generation to generation which is the worshipping of the Nats or the Spiritual Beings. The legend says that before King Anawrahta came to power in Bagan in the 11th century, it was common for the Myanmar to build small shrines or spirit houses dedicated to land Nat… Read more »